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Ride 2018
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Ride 2018

Battle actor James pays bills and leads people in Los Angeles to organize a ride together. James’s change begins like any other, until he meets the beautiful woman he increases. His next drive, in which he speaks quickly with Bruno, convinces James to invite her in a crazy night. But things take a shock when Bruno, armed with a gun and a crazy idea of ​​the game, begins a frightening white ride that’s fast.
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Like the bureaucratic Washington insider, he quietly stopped thestrongest man in the world, as vice president George W.
Bush, who changed the country and the world in ways we still feel today.


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Christian Bale, Amy Adams and Jesse Plemons | VICE is investigating how a Washington bureaucratic informant became the most powerful man in the world when George Vice President W. Bush transformed the country and the world in a way we still feel today.

George George Bush from TexasDick Cheney, General Director of Halliburton Co, as his republican companion in the presidential election in 2000. As Bush wins, Cheney uses her new power to change the country and the world.


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